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When, Where and How will Tropical Root and Tuber Crops Lead the Next Agri-Food Revolution

Strategies need to be developed to address the challenges to determine “When Where and How Root and Tuber Crops Will Lead the Next Agricultural Revolution”. Unquestionably, in the next 20 years, tropical root and tuber crops will play a significant role in ensuring a sustainable agricultural development in the tropics. Hence, this Symposium provides an opportunity for experts from around the world to meet and address this agenda. The Symposium will be jointly organized by the International Society for Tropical Root Crops (ISTRC) and the International Center of Tropical Agriculture (CIAT).  It will be an excellent opportunity for those interested in root and tuber crops to come together to share and compare knowledge and expertise. It will be an opportunity for Colombia and other Latin American countries to showcase their expertise and for workers from other parts of the world to learn and experience first-hand.
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