When, Where and How will Tropical Root and Tuber Crops Lead the Next Agri-Food Revolution

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Benjamin Chukwuemeka Okoye

Research Scientist
Research includes addressing the Economic problems of Root and tuber Crops Production, Marketing, Processing and Utilization. Research program spans issues on food security, production economics, farm management, agricultural marketing, gender productivity and efficiency, environmental and resource economics, adoption studies and applied microeconomics and econometrics with special emphasis on cassava, cocoyam, yam and sweetpotato. Quantitative and qualitative approaches for sustainable management of resources, transaction cost economics and understanding the nexus between efficiency and farm size productivity in Nigeria. Research works involves critical assessment of the distinction between “quantitative” and “qualitative” research with particular attention to the question of measurement. Assessment of various techniques of data collection and “fact-finding” instruments such as; interviews, observation and archival studies so as to locate their potentiality for construction of successful research projects.