When, Where and How will Tropical Root and Tuber Crops Lead the Next Agri-Food Revolution

                                              Applications for oral/poster presentations and pre-registration are now closed. 

                                                  Application for oral or poster presentations is now closed.  

IMPORTANT ON Visa arrangements:
  • CIAT will support you on your visa arrangements.  You shouldn't  go through this process only by yourself. You need to receive support from CIAT. In order to do so please contact Nhora Bonilla at N.Bonilla@cgiar.org providing a copy of your passport.
  • Visa process will take 15 working days which means three weeks. CIAT will only support those that have already paid their registration fees. So please make sure that you process your registration fees payment well in advance August 30th which is the deadline for registration and payment.
  • Please check in the following link whether you need visa to enter to the Colombian territory:

About the Venue
The ISTRC symposium will be held at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture CIAT, Cali, Colombia. The venue is close to Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport also known as Palmaseca International Airport, 5 minutes to Palmira and about 20 minutes from Cali, the capital of the department of Valle del Cauca in southern Colombia.
Please note that 57 is the country code (Colombia) and 2 is the city code (Cali).
For emergency matters (24 hours):  +57–2- 4450-000 ext. 3111.

Please call to the following contacts, send them an email or reserve your accommodation and airport - hotel - airport transportation online using the links provided. These hotels have special fares for you:

Contact: Monica Maria Gallego Agudelo
E-mail: monicam.gallego@hotelesestelar.com
Address: Colombia # 2-72, Cali, Valle del Cauca
Phone: (2) 8823225 - 57 317-4292635
For online reservations:
Web 3.0 URL: http://bookings.ihotelier.com/bookings.jsp?groupID=2126870&hotelID=75635
Booking Engine 4.0 URL: https://reservations.travelclick.com/75635?groupID=2126870
Contact: Andrea Zuñiga Baralt
Cel. +57 3183757898
Address: Av. 8 Norte No. 21N-40
For online reservations:  www.ibis.com

Contact: Marcela Vasquez
Phone: +57 2 3959999 ext. 2352
Cel.+57 3176490864
PBX: +57 2 4851296
E-mail: gcuentacali2@spiwak.com
For online reservations:

Local transportation

Hotels in Cali will provide pick up airport services for you.  Therefore, when doing your reservation, please make sure to ask for this service too.  

In case you miss your hotel's transportation, you are encourage to use taxis that depart from the airport. These taxis are totally safe and its cost will be around COP$70.000 and COP$90.000 (USD25).  We strongly recommend you have Colombian pesos in case you need to use them.  

Transportation during the event days

Bus service will be provided during the event days from the three hotels in Cali. Buses will load from 6:30 am to 6:45 am in order to take participants to CIAT.  Please gather at the hotel reception at 6:30am in order to avoid being left behind. In the evening, buses will depart from CIAT’s Arches immediately after closing formal meetings, and after evening entertainment on a route serving the three hotels.
For those living in Colombia and using their own vehicles please provide plates in advance in order to CIAT Security authorize your entrance.

Exploring Cali

Please note that the ISTRC's organizing committee is not managing nor organizing any tourist attractions for participants. A dinner and a welcome cocktail will be offer in CIAT HQ during the event days. If interested in touristic attractions or Cali' shows, we invite participants to make arrangements by themselves. 

Arrivals via Bogotá
If your international flight is not straight to Cali, you will be arriving first in Bogotá, the capital city.  The Bogotá airport has two terminals (the international, called El Dorado, and the domestic, called El Puente Aéreo). Upon arrival in Bogotá you will go through Immigration and—sometimes—through luggage claim and Customs. After finishing this process, please go to the connection desk where you will be instructed how to take the airport shuttle bus that will transport you to the other terminal (either Terminal Puente Aéreo if travelling with AVIANCA airline, or El Dorado).  Please allow at least half an hour to transit between the Puente Aéreo and the International Terminal, El Dorado). If you have any inconveniencies, please go to our travel agency office, Carlson Wagonlit Travel and indicate that you are a CIAT visitor.  Below you will find the contact information:

  Carlson Wagonlit Travel – Bogotá airport
  Erika Bernal, Head Office
  Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Section - Colombian Travel Agency Tourist
  El Dorado Airoport, 2 floor
  Office: +57(2) 6445820 Ext 501
  Mobile: +57 3114912630
  Office hours:  05:00 AM to 09:00 PM Monday-Sunday
  Email: aeropuerto2@colombiantourist.com

Power Supply at CIAT
The power supply in Colombia is 120V-60Hz, with two or three pin plugs.
The weather in Cali, located at an altitude of 1000m, is typical of tropical areas, with temperatures ranging from 22o C in the morning and evenings, to 24-35o C during midday.
For detailed weather forecast in Cali visit: www.cnn.com/WEATHER/sa/Colombia/CaliSKCL.html
For detailed weather forecast in Bogotá: www.cnn.com/WEATHER/sa/Colombia/BogotaSKBO.html

Banking Services
Very few stores in town accept USD and you may want to have some Colombian currency for personal purchases. We do not recommend you change money or use the electronic cashiers in town.
The ITAU Bank has an office in CIAT that provides banking services from Monday through Friday (8:30 to 12:00) for money exchange.  You can also exchange money at the CIAT Guest House reception desk.  In addition, there is a 24-hour electronic ATM cashier that accepts most personal or corporate credit cards that belong to Master Card and VISA.
Medical Service
Medical service is available on campus Monday through Friday 07:30 – 16:30. In addition, Cali has excellent medical services and CIAT has agreements with the main private hospitals. CIAT has ambulance service 24 hrs/day/7days/week.
In case of an emergency after office hours, please contact first the radio operator at Ext. 3111 and ask them to communicate with Mrs. Beatriz Narvaez.


Yellow Fever Vaccination

We have been informed by CIAT that staff coming from the following countries will be required to present their yellow vaccination and immunization record upon entry to Colombia to ensure that they have been vaccinated for yellow fever:

*** Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Uganda, Brazil and Peru ***

If you are traveling from any of these countries, please make sure to have record of your yellow fever vaccination with you in advance of your travel.

Cali is not a malaria risk zone; nonetheless, in the evening, mosquitoes can be a nuisance at CIAT.  The Guest House have screens on doors and windows. Please take care to keep them shut. It is also recommended to wear long sleeves and trousers, or use insect repellent, if walking around campus in the evening.

You cannot consume water from the tap, the hotel and conference rooms will permanently have bottled water.

According to CIAT’s policy you must have a health and life insurance during the period of the meeting.  CIAT will not assume any legal or financial responsibility related with health problems or accidents.